8 Weeks Out Starts Now! (scroll down for video)

It’s time to start the ‘8 Weeks Out’ training plan!  One of the coolest things about kayaking is the act of getting better at kayaking.  This one of kind whitewater race training plan is designed to take your paddling to the next level and get you primed for a personal best.  

Hosted by John Grace and featuring some of the fastest whitewater athletes in the world we will email a custom training plan each week designed to get you in top form for your upcoming race.  Even if you are never planning on entering a race an eight week training cycle like this can take your skills and confidence to another level.

While we will touch on technique each week take note this is a training tool not a skills course.  By that we mean it will cover all the essential topics to help you go fast AND keep you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE.  Reading water, proper diet, gear selection, mental conditioning, physical conditioning, course breakdown and more will all be touched on over the next two months.

Please email us at [email protected] with anything  you would like to see discussed in further detail.


Week 1
Set Baseline Workout – Find a piece of flat water and pick out a specific start and stop point.  Shoot for a distance that takes you around 10 minutes to paddle.  Go out and paddle it as fast as you can and record the time.  This is now your baseline for the next eight weeks.  (note you have to use the same boat each time we record ourselves on this course)

Four Hours Of Paddling –  Preferably on whitewater but flatwater will do paddle for one hour at 60%.  The paddle out of your local run can be a good stretch of water for this workout.  Feel free to break this into two 30 minute sessions, four 15 minute sessions or anywhere in between.  The important thing is to get your hour in for four of the seven days this week.  You can push a little this first week but remember we are only looking for 60% of max physical exertion.  Rest assured things will pick up in the next few weeks!

Four Hours Of Cardio – It doesn’t matter if it is on the bike, running or ‘jazzercise’ that gets your heart rate up, the important point here is to push to 80% of your maximum potential for one hour four days a week.  And yes there will be at least one day where you will have to double up on workouts to get it all in.  Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong heart and lungs.  Cardio is what holds it all together later in the races.

Happy Training and look for another email next week!