We’re fully mobile and capable of producing a live show just about anywhere with an internet connection or cell service.  The challenge is the fun part, and we thrive on making the most complicated projects easy.  If you’d like to take it live let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call and see what’s possible. No idea is too small or too big! Contact Us



Live stream video gets watched three times longer and user engagement is almost tenfold compared to edited video clips.  The act of having a live stream gives your content a sense of urgency that separates it from other media. As well, the content is targeting the exact people who are most likely to convert to buyers or followers in the future

Live Streaming gives your audience a feeling of closeness and allows them to be part of the action and community from afar. It is unscripted, unfiltered, and truly authentic. Put simply, it grows brand awareness.

Live streaming connects your sponsors with a large audience providing an extra revenue option by airing commercials/content during the live stream. Pay-Per-View is another great option for some events and our in-house platform makes it an easy choice. Gathering so much rich content opens the door for licensing to other outlets. It’s been proven time and time again that generating media generates impressions which in turn generates income.

While your event itself will come and eventually go the show will last forever.

Research shows that 30% of people who watch a live stream of an event will attend the same event in person the next year. Quick case study – Coachella sold out in 3 days in 2011. After live-streaming the event they sold out the following year in 3 hours.

With hours of high-quality content, you can reuse the footage from the live stream into different marketing material to help promote both this year’s and next year’s event. Teaser videos, social media content, still images, continue to build the buzz and cultivate interest year around.


Between the 170+ racers battling it out and 2,000 spectators hiking into the gorge-The Green River Narrows Race is the largest extreme kayak race in the world. Possibly one of the most rugged location to put on a livestream.  With cables ran 3,000 feet down canyon walls – this livestream is a true feat.
website: greenrace.us

2021 Green Race Live – Pay-Per-View on Hammer Factor

2020 Green Race Live – Pay-Per-View on Hammer Factor

The North Fork Championship is an Inaugural Whitewater Festival in Crouch, a town near Boise, Idaho. This Whitewater Festival highlights a world-class kayak competition on some of North America’s most impressive whitewater. Live streaming the NFC championships took place on the banks of the North Fork of the Payette River.  Starlink was used to air this competition.
website: northforkchampionship.com

2021 North Fork Championship – Pay-Per-View on Hammer Factor


The Onewheel Racing League sanctioned three regional races to qualify for Race for the Rail 2021. Each regional race had its own character, format, and challenges, but ultimately, these races with the proving grounds where the men’s and women’s winners clinched their spots to Race for the Rail 2021. These races happen in remote locations with no internet access and in rugged landscapes.
website: onewheelracing.com

2021 ORL – Central Qualifier Youtube Live Stream

2021 ORL – West Qualifier Youtube Live Stream

2021 ORL – East Qualifier Youtube Live Stream

flf4_darkw_date (1)

The largest Onewheel gathering on the planet. FloatLife Fest put on 4 competitions over the weekend – all live streamed through Youtube and Facebook.  The time trials, a 250 racer mass start XR race, dual slalom race, and wrapping up with a street style competition.  With over 16 hours of livestream – this was a serious feat.
website: floatlifefest.com

2021 Float Life Fest Time Trials – streamed on Facebook & Youtube

2021 Float Life Fest XR Race – streamed on Facebook & Youtube

2021 Float Life Fest Dual Slalom – streamed on Facebook & Youtube

2021 Float Life Fest Street Style Comp – streamed on Facebook & Youtube