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We get a lot of people asking our opinions on gear, boats in particular.  It’s hard to put into words all the subtle nuances of a kayak design, so we decided to put these reviews in a video format so you could compare and contrast with your own eyes.  Being race season we decided to review the Dagger Kayaks ‘Greenboat’.  Have a look and feel free to send us a message to [email protected] if you have a piece you’d like to see get a day in court.  We’ll do our best to make it happen. 


‘This boat is a lot of fun and like all modern longboats a pleasure to paddle.  Initial impression was this is a really quick boat that has every bit the speed of other longboats, if not more.  The first few minutes it felt a little tippy, but that feeling soon faded and secondary stability was bomber.  I had to adjust the seat back just a touch to feel correctly trimmed and being 6 feet tall with abnormally long torso I had to remove the seat padding so I could get lower in the boat.  It is amazing how much different this boat paddles than say for instance The Stinger.  If you are in the market for a long boat be sure to take some test drives, they are all surprisingly unique.’  John Grace

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