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Show notes April 27 2018

WOW. What a show we have today. Celebrities, schemes, shark v bear, the roll out of Hammer Factor VM, and much much more.

So lets catch up shall we? What have we been up to? Lots of love on Nicole, Some comments on the weed segment, BV is riled up over Earl, with calls for a new earl/lotus position on SUP t- shirt

On to Louis’s seg:

  1. Yvon loves huntes and fishers
  2. Kara wants to know more about HR1349. WTF. Serious infighting here amongst bikers.

Well, well it’s listener mail (cue Rush’s theme song) now with VM!

  • Simon Windham Misses the point on drone footage. Introducing Noah Weaver.
  • (VM) Person “X” wants to remain anonymous, but sends us a VM anyway. Call it “AnonymousVoice Mail Guy”. Basically, he needs deets on how to manage his crew, etc.
  • Owen Demands Details on paddles… what kind of blades, dammit!!!??
  • (VM) Chris Obrien wants ABRG! and loves IR too.
  • Jim Clarke Raves on Nicole- salient part is in BOLD in trello
  • Derek Olds on the 828 Hate train
  • (VM) fred morrison wants to know about drywear longevity
  • Ruhul continues his Stikine training
  • Jeremey Laucks recalls Demshitz experience, and calls out weld.
  • Grumpy Guy rants about something I simply do not understand and two more if we have time:
    • Ethan Talley seems lonely
    • Mike Coughlin? has a thing for trophies
    How about some random topics of discussion? Sure:
    • Going outside is too risky. period.

• and in preparation for our first guest, we introduce a top-notch idea: the Anonymous Doping Racing Guy.

First, Kenny Unser.
• Updates on the lottery scam method
• Green race, solved.
Second, Jared and Graham.
• Paddling bros…whats the deal. Is it a thing? • Shark v. Bear.
Lastly, ABRG?

And Rants and raves