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Hollllly frijoles peeps…Its episode 50 of the Hammer Factor. Who would have guessed. And what a show we have today. Coming up, we’ll have

• the usual round of nuttiness from our beloved listeners,
• an earth shattering medical revelation from HF’s own medical council Doc Rocco                                                                • A quick call-in from HF’s most exciting guest- Max Blackburn
• And the long awaited return of ABRG!!!

Before we get started though, lets reflect on what the hell is going on in paddling. Since we last recorded, we have had two drownings on popular whitewater rivers…Thoughts? Grace- do you want to tell us “what we know” as NPR likes to say?

If that’s not enough for you, lets get louis to dump more shit on your lap. And on to viewer mail. Cue the Rush Sturges Mail Song!

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that we received only one VM this week, and it was a butt dial. This raises two important questions:
1. Who has the hammer factor VM so accessible on their phone that it’s possible to butt dial us?
2. Did the canadian Joe Pesci ruin this perfectly good thing?

But we did get emails.
As is our wont, lets begin with the hate.

  1. Andy McMurray starts out with a #meThree moment.
  2. That wasnt so bad. Lets get to the good stuff now. Rhett Flowers completely shuts McMurry Downwith his insightful note.
  3. Rob Scanlon offers some advise on Crew Acquisition
  4. The Outburst crazies are back.
  5. Dave Gardner is very, ver concerned about the pack raft ‘problem’
  6. Noah Weaver blows his cover.
  7. Jordon Loos on improved boat design
  8. Buena Vista loves Earl.
  9. Josh Walden wants to know Jah, and Max is happy to help.

On to our first guest, Doc Rocco.
And then.. the triumphant return of ABRG!!!
And then Rants and Raves….maybe with ABRG?