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Our celebrity guest had to make a last minute cancellation so the crew had to sort of wing it this week.

Louis Geltman shares his experience in Washington D.C. at the confirmation hearings of Ryan Zinke. Louis feels like we have a descent pick to lead the Department of the Interior who is against the concept of turning federal land over to the states. Go to and get on the email list.

From here the crew touches on winter paddling going from fringe to mainstream. A viewer puts John Weld in the hot-seat in regards to why they should purchase an IR drysuit vs the tried and true Gore-Tex Kokatat.

Next we touch on the new Pyranha Machno. Is it the next big thing or a Wavesport Descente with a flatter hull?

Geltman and Grace tear into Weld for using a bent shaft paddle, Weld defends their attacks.

Grace raves on the Big South Fork while Weld raves on his youngest son rolling a kayak. Geltman has traded his gambling habit for Kayak Polo???