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This week we welcome Louis Geltman, out of Hood River, Oregon, North Fork Race Champion, professional poker player and policy council for Outdoor Alliance. (:30)

Louis takes us through some of the work Outdoor Alliance is involved in as well as how we can become involved. (3:55)

Next we recap some of the topics from last week and Louis takes a shot at John Weld for being so behind the times in regards to paddle length.  We once again touch on boat design as well. (7:58)

Did the olympics kill slalom?  We touch on how influences from outside the sport can hinder its evolution. (12:30)

Why don’t families go outside and play together anymore.  Are we left with outdoor sports being nothing more than an extreme sport? (16:30)

The Summer of The Stikine.  The level of audacity  with paddlers doing day runs on iconic rivers such as the Stikine is raising eyebrows.  What does it mean and where are we going? (20:05)

We recap the Cane Creek Dual Slalom at Reeb Ranch.  What an incredible event. (25:30)

Weld raves on Cheat Canyon.  Geltman rants on kayak outfitting. (28:30)