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Intros and light banter.

  • Weld and Geltman attend OR, where nothing really happened, which is kind of bad news in and of itself. We also attended a march, which beyond our expectations, turned out to be well attended. 
  • Grace discusses the  newsletter.  Weld and Geltman make fun of Grace over said newsletter. 
  • Erwin, disastrously, is trying to shake the stigma of murderous Mary. Another great marketing opportunity lost? 
  • Larry Boothby- a true american hero. Larry asks, we respond. Turns out a design change for the loathed neck logo is in the works.

Louis jumps on the mic. Outdoor Alliance wrote about the pursuit of energy independence at the expense of public lands…is that meaty enough?  Louis also gives us some good news seeing the initial advancement through congress regarding a piece of legislation he worked on.

The Revenge of the Killer Amoeba

  • Family decides to sue over death at charleston
  • Whitewater center won’t test
  • Doc Rocco says “its OK. Chlorine should kill it.”
  • Weld wonders if warning customers about a “deadly brain eating amoeba” in the water would be good for business. 

Viewer mail.

  • Dan Hruska requests boat reviews. We promise to try to do review more boats.  Weld wants to review super old boats to see how they hold up.
  • Kevin Cripps wonders about the safety of gopros on helmets. We wonder why people are even talking about gopros anymore.  This is hard to speculate on. 
  • Weld can’t believe that he is not inundated with hate mail for his C-1 poopy. He thinks this properly demonstrates that he won and is 100% correct. 

On to the special guest to address the article(s) in “notes from the north country” Eric Giddens will shed light on this issue, and many others.   If he starts singing we will need to just cut him off and say we lost his Skype connection. 

On to the heady insider talk. What is the value of a sponsored athlete? Is this just manufacturers trying to be cool or a thing that really works and resonates with customers? What do the listeners think? 

Oh, and there’s rants and raves. Weld is tired of carrying this segment and expects more out of his co-hosts.

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