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Geltman is paddling the Susitna. Grace is back from Telluride. Weld has been waiting patiently to rant for two weeks. Welcome Eric Giddens, Guest host.


Louis is gone paddlin, so we’ll have to fill in.

Grace finds some Antifa rabble rousing from a site called “westwise”. Evidently Zinke went on Vaca in the final week of park review. West wise also published a list of all the parks Zinke didn’t see. I’m guessing that Zinke has his mind made up?

Celebrity Guest:

Benny Marr. After successfully running the Stikine River twice in one day, Ben Marr gives us insight into that expedition as well as their current mission in Northwest Territories of Canada.

Moving on to other news:

Jacobi tried selling all of his Olympic memorabilia on EBay. The auction is now closed with zero bids… he was asking $877 as a starter. This included his previously worn spandex.

Grace digs up a video of Spencer lacy running pretty big rapids on a SUP- even Louis was “mildly impressed” with the wonder falls descent. Are we missing the boat here? Maybe there is something to this whitewater SUP stuff….it’s all Grace saw in Telluride.

Weld wants to discuss Kavu day, and the epiphany he had after watching it… This will bleed into the boat review segment. Also-Dan Gavere wants to come on the show at some point- what do we think.

And to boat reviews:

Grace and Weld paddle the Delta V and the results were a boat that behaves well.

Weld paddles the yet to be named Pyranha river runner/ Braap boat and really likes it. But later talks with Shimrock, who dismisses it, and the Braap, as “pigs”. Boat design is thankless. But Weld’s takeaway is that there is no reason any longer to paddle a creek boat on your local/regular class IV run, or even your easier class V runs. These playful river runners offer so much more.

Viewer mail:

-Kevin Cripps who asked if go-pros were safe on helmets:

Recently discovered your podcast and thoroughly enjoying it. Here’s a topic I’d love to hear discussed by some expert: Does mounting a GoPro on a helmet decrease helmet safety?

-And the low hanging fruit- Kyle Kraft-Culkin is worried that “grab that bitch” isn’t safe.

Hey y’all! Just listening to episode 28 and there was an extended discussion about the viability of the ‘grab that bitch’ technique. I completely agree when boating with friends, my primary mindset for rescue is to grab that bitch quick. However, as an instructor and instructor trainer I feel that an organization has a responsibility to their instructors to limit the amount of risk their employees take in a work environment. What do you all think about that distinction? Especially when it comes to training the community vs staff.

Rants and Raves.

Washington post on bottles:

Westwise on Zinke:

Jacobis’s EBay listing:

SPencer Lacy SUPing:

Kavu Day:

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