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Welcome back to the hammerfactor
– Greetings, and catching up

• Louis was on a bit of a vacation in Alaska, and narrowly missed getting shit- canned. How was the trip?

• Weld was at paddlesports retailer, and sees the writing on the wall. Basically, it’s the enterprise equivalent of those weird Japanese fetish sex houses where there are bottomless toilets and business men pay money to get shit on. But seriously, paddlesports retail has some real problems that this show is not really addressing. Louis points out the irony of moving the show to Oklahoma City after OR left SLC over conservative governing.

– Turns out LOTS of people in the industry listen to the show. Shout outs to some peeps. Namely Cruz at confluence kayaks, and Noah at CKS online. I consider them to be our foot soldiers in the fight against non traditional paddlesports and for American values. Perhaps we should form an “American Paddlesports Values Council”. This would basically condemn anything that is not class V river running in a boat under 9 feet. I consider SUP to be basically ANTIFA at this point.

– Weld also had an interesting discussion with an un-named industry person who said that playboats very well might be going all composite. Finally, it looks like playboating is getting marginalized out of the sport.

Turns out Wade Blackwood at the ACA not too psyched with Weld’s “rant”… we reached out to the director, and it looks like he couldn’t make it this week, but working on next week.

AAAND Louis is back. Cue the Debbie Downer theme song. #everythingisfucked
The WAPO reports that EPA now has a ‘political operative’ vetting grants, including but not limited to eliminating all mention of ‘climate change’
And of course Zinke recommends scaling back national monuments. Anything else to add to the shit show?

And finally to our celebrity guest, Mark ‘Snowy Robertson, designer at Dagger Kayaks who explains how a kayak is born. From concept to your local paddling shop it’s all here.  As well we here the scoop on Dagger’s new hot looking kayak, The Phantom.

Viewer Mail

Jonathan Rugh of shade tree paddles writes in on his iPhone touching on many subjects, including paddle length and offset:

We also hear from Josh “not Jason” MacNaughton, who gets the second call out on the hammer factor:
Love the boat reviews as many do- how about Louis NOT rip all the outfitting out and test the Nirvana & Gangsta? Lord knows he can borrow both in Hood River and if he doesn’t want to run L Dub without his trick outfitting he can take a couple farmland laps or something. I’m interested to know how he feels about both boats, especially how the Gangsta handles Vs the Tuna 2. And how about the Dagger Fantom? Any of you guys seen these around yet?

And then…. Rants And Raves!

WAPO article on EPA:

Reuters on ZInke:
agency-to-recommend-scaling-back-some-national-monuments-idUSKCN1B41YA? utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social

Peddleboat on the Ottawa:

And the river ski:
And last but not least, Smalls to the Wall, circa 1983 v=cduRkMCS6zA

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