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SHOW NOTES for Oct 5, 2017 good mornahhhn evrahbadddy Hello and welcome back.
And we’re back to another brilliant episode of the Hammer Factor. It’s been a long while, mostly because Grace’s so-called wife took off for an extended instagram opportunity in the Mediterranean, leaving John and Caleb to pick up the pieces with very little time to spare.
Since we’ve been gone, we have had gauley fest, GAF, Mr. Geltman has gone to washington, Grace has done whatever he does and the world continues it’s downward spiral. also had tons of people writing in which we will get to, and we’ve lined up at least one special guest- Mark Singleton of American Whitewater, who is going to give us the top 5 things that we should be concerned about as paddlers.
But first, lets catch up:
GAF and Gauley- Gauley was an extended love fest for Hammer Factor, ending in the usual british football club-style fist fight in the wee hours. GAF was, well GAF, but Weld got to run the cascades for the first time, which made him consider the whole rapid classification thing.
Grace- what where you up to?
Geltman went to DC to fight the good fight- so lets get right into that. Geltman? what is up? Here are some of the topics we were emailing back and forth:
• Zinke Chartered Oil Exec’s plane- as reported from
• Zinke says 1/3 of interior employees “not loyal” as reported by the AP
• Zinke’s report to Trump loaded with falsehoods, according to Outside MAg • EPA requires political sign-off for Agency grants from WAPO
And of course anything else we’re missing.
OK On to some house cleaning. A few topics that require some follow up and closure:
Playboating comments resonate with some paddlers. Long time contributor Simon Windam offering some long winded discussion about pro boaters loving playboating, and some other brit (Grace- name?) says that it got his girlfriend into paddling. Weld can dismiss these comments easily.
Paddle blade offset. Numerous people wrote in to mention that Jim Snyder has actually published an article on this at his website regarding this issue. Not to be confused with, which is a little window into the Flash Heyday of 15 years ago. His conclusion; 40 to 45.
And the river classification system. Lots of feedback, but we had 3 noteworthy contributions from Greg Lee, Koby from Revelstoke and josh “jason” MacNaughton. [ I printed these out and can offer a synopsis] We also received what I can only call a monograph from Thomas Rogenmoser, aka “toro”. Looks like he is from Switzerland. From what I can tell, Toro is leading a subversive effort to destroy kayaking by creating some kind of lethal paddlesports bureaucracy the likes of which this world has never seen.

And then there’s the great falls race. I’m not sure what is more interesting- the race, or Calhoun’s level of commitment to this race. Interesting fact: Weld and Andy Bridge organized the first falls race in 88 or 89, and john hand screened the shirts- and spelled ‘invitational’ wrong on the shirt. Talk about a collector’s item
On to the Special Guest: Mark Singleton.
Geltman- why don’t you give us a little intro.
Random loveliness from our listeners:
• Jeremy Sells approves of Rush’s album
• Casey Tango offers the “best cult kayaking movie ever”- Men in skirts. Louis did you look at
this? I’m absolutely sure I did not suck this bad in the 90’s
• Caleb Roberts sends us a video of peddleboating on the Ottawa
Viewer Mail
Grace- what we got?
Another Women’s episode is gearing up
Next week, the Honorable Evan Garcia is called before the committee on paddling ethics and colloquialisms regarding some of his expressions. The country deserves… no demands answers to some very pressing questions.
Zinke charters plane:
Interior employees “not loyal”: interior-employees-not-loyal/
Zinke Report full of falsehoods: monuments-memo?
Political ‘sign off’ for grants: political-aides-sign-off-for-agency-awards-grant-applications/ 2017/09/04/2fd707a0-88fd-11e7-a94f-3139abce39f5_story.html?utm_term=.9ea67d8c51fa

Jim Snyder on blade offset:
Men In Skirts on Vimeo: Peddleboating on the ottowa: