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Show notes Jan 10 2018

We’re back- or shall we say recovering- from our last
shameful podcast of 2017. But there are no lessons learned here at the hammer factor, and to
prove it, we’re going to offer up the same re-heated useless topics we served you last year. On
this show, Louis will make an excellent case for you to ask your doctor if Zoloft is right for you,
Grace will, well, you know, loot the show, Weld will apologize, and the usual ridiculous
questions and emails from the Teaming Millions. And we also have a guest- A ‘whitewater
canoe-er’ who got dumped for a mountain biker. Surprise.
Lets do the introductions.
OK Louis, Make our day.
If you have nothing else, Grace sent this in:

But to be honest, this comes from “westwise” which looks and sounds a lot like a liberal
version of the ‘Daily Caller’. But the zinke holiday greeting video is interesting. It starts out OK,
and then after a few minutes the douche chills start to settle in.

Now that we’re past that formality, the hate mail.
Here’s this little bon mot from Brian Richard:
Love the show.
Will Weld please stop cutting speakers off and talking over them? Weld is a valuable
part of the show, yes, but would love to hear other’s comments. Perhaps he would
listen to the shows to hear what I’m speaking of.

And Mike Flynn took time from his busy legal schedule to write us:
Was this last show BS? You guys can’t be serious, right?

Kirk Eddlemon (correctly) casts everything Louis has ever said or done into question:
I’ve got a message for Mr. Weld. First of all, he shouldn’t listen to Louis about the
Middle Kings. And I do think that Mr. Geltman’s opinion of the Kings seriously stains
any credibility he has on other topics of discussion on the Hammer Factor. His
explanation of the facts surrounding the fragmentation of our national monuments was
so spot on, but his confusion about the quality of the Middle Kings is puzzling indeed.
So Weld, we are going to the Kings this summer and you are welcome to join us. It’s a
manky, low-quality run, but consider yourself invited. Secondly, I’ve been hearing about
a kids camp that John’s been involved in up in the Yough area, and would love to know
more about it. Can Weld explain how we can get our kids involved? My son is totally
Lower Yough ready, and I’d love to get him hooked up with the program up there.

Despite the haters, we did get some love:
Jared Bean wrote in:
Love the podcast. I much enjoy the personalities, information, and opinions. Thank you
for taking the time to put this on. I hope you continue into 2018.

And Owen Callahan wrote:
I’d listen to you guys reading old copies of AW that you pick up off your bathroom floor.
We even got some emails worth discussing:

Todd Boyter writes:
On the last show , Grace and Weld disagreed on the idea of a single roto-molding
company molding different brands of kayaks and being profitable. I agree with you
Grace , as I own a custom injection molding company ( NC) that mold for
numerous different companies – including all the major kayak brands

And Atom Crawford throws a soft pitch to geltman:
What is the general consensus on modern day kayak outfitting?
I tend to take it all out and then make my own. Shaping up foam hip pads and just a
thin foam pad on the seat. Maybe a pleasure pod.
I could just be reliving the old days when that was the norm, but I Really don’t like most
manufacturers outfitting.
Daggers is about the only one that I’ll keep in the boat…
How about everyone else?

And Lee Doherty Writes from Ireland:
Love the show guys, wondering have yous the balls to discuss why there are no black
professional kayakers sponsored by any of the major kayak brands.
love listening from here in Ireland, some European segments to and the rest world
would be great to add to,

And onto the guest. Dr. Phil Prince gives us some incredible insight into whitewater geology.

OK. The show end is near, and the horses are starting to smell the barn. What else do we
Geltman had some interesting ideas:
-Fantasy kayaker draft. You are starting a boat company. All things equal, who do you
want to sponsor? We draft names fantasy football style (and argue). Or maybe we pick
a list of races (LW, NF, Green?), make up a point system, draft ourselves teams, and
then follow for the season.
-What rivers/trips are at the top of your to-do list? Maybe 3-5 each…

And the shirt contest…. is that dead?
Coming up soon is another ABRG, version 2.0. And of course, the ladies edition.
And of course, Rants and Raves.