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Good friday afternoon everyone, it’s another episode of hammer factor.

INTROS and an opening prayer. Along with the hosts, we also have a special guest this week- Kenny Unser, who is going to explain to us how to game the river lottery system. We are also expecting a call from Woody Calloway, who just took off the grand canyon, after his second back to back trip.

Geltman- time to deliver. We have a government shutdown-what does this mean to us?

Also- do we have Zinke shirts and stickers coming? AW wants them for “Tabling”- which is awesome industry speak.

Breaking News
This just in:
Dear adidas Sickline competitors,
We hope you all had a good start into the New Year. Since most of you are busy planning your season these days, we’d like to inform you in good time that there will
be no adidas Sickline WCH in 2018. Due to a current process of strategic realignment, adidas has decided to adjourn the Extreme Kayak World Championship in order to reflect on the even concept and its further development.
We wish you all a memorable and injury-free season.
Warm Regards
Your adidas Sickline Team

Viewer mail
Michael Van Ruler writes: Hey Guys,
Love the show! Keep up the good work, or at least keep making fun of each other and letting us get in a good laugh. I really like the clear insight Lewis provides on the policy perspectives, it is my favorite part of the show, no better way to stay informed for me.
So I’m pretty new to kayaking, and I live in Omaha…. and I’m planning on moving from here in 3.5 years when my daughter graduates high school. If you could pick any place to live in the US for WW kayaking, and all around best place to live, where would it be and why? I would love you guys input.

Sam Haywood also writes in with a good question: Hey guys,
I’m writing in again to rehash the rapid classification discussion. I just recently did my personal first descent of tallulah gorge. It went great, good lines both weekends that I went, and it was an awesome time!
Where my issue lies is that I’m trying to now decide what is next. The tallulah was fun and I didn’t feel pushed beyond my limits, so I’m trying to decide what is next on my run list. I’ve read AW page after page and own Kirk Eddlemons southeastern paddling books.
I’ve got a few runs in mind such as the west fork of the tuck, green lite, Gauley, and perhaps overflow Creek. It’s still hard to know what level I’m on, and AW and Eddlemon make some of these rivers seem super gnarly. I tend to be a cautious paddler who knows his pay grade, but I wanna step it up incrementally. What resources or decision making process can I use that you guys know of?
POV YouTube videos rarely do these rivers justice, so I’m at a bit of a loss.
Let me know what you guys think about how people can step up their game without getting killed/maimed.

And it’s time to talk about the unavoidable. Colorado.

First, there is this from Andifer F:
ls anyone else starting to think it’s John
Weld’s dream to move to CO to become a
spandex wearing dentist who SUPS at the BV playpark after work?

And then there is this:
Dear Hammer Factor,
In regards to your comments on the river quality of Colorado and Buena Vista. We understand that we do not have the quality year round paddling of places like the Columbia River Gorge, and unlike southeast boaters we do not kneel towards Asheville three times daily.
However, We do find our rivers to be quite fun. They lack things like sieves every 20 ft. They don’t have a lot of pool drop rapids, so we actually have to learn how to chase gear if one of our buddies messes up. When the paddling is good here, it’s so damn good. Even Geltman should find it hard to be upset about “Manky” conditions doing sunny laps of pine creek numbers in June at 3,000 CFS and slicey high water laps on Browns Canyon. Also having a myriad of different sections on the ark really allows beginning boaters to develop well.
Colorado has a lovely arid climate, so our gear actually dries and doesn’t slowly grow into a moldy mess. On the other side of that, it is cold here so the water is never really skin to wind weather. So a drysuit is necessary, good thing right Weld? On top of all of this the central location of BV allows you to get to all the goods in CO within 3-4 hours of driving. And yes, the Embudo is truly worthy. Come down anytime and we will be happy to take y’all down.

We may not be the whitewater capital of the world, yet somehow we have plenty of Southeast transplants. Probably because our summer season is quality. A lot of Colorado boaters love being here for the amount of year round activity. We get some amazing skiing and the mountain biking is rad too. Weld knows that since the last 3 times he was out here he only went Mt. Biking and didn’t kayak. However his Rep and now famous HF Guest Max Blackburn has boated with us plenty on his last two visits.
So, sorry we’re not sorry. We love BV and we love travelling to awesome places like White Salmon, Summersville, Asheville, Erwin, and beyond. Plus we’ve never hanged an elephant.
Fred Morrison and Nelson Jones

And now on to our special guest- the King of New York, Kenny Unser.

Rants and Raves.