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Louis Geltman fills us in on the efforts of Outdoor Alliance to help pass the ‘Recreation Not Redtape’ bill.   This bill would outline uses of recreational areas in the front country and prioritize recreation access. Go to and get on the email list! (1:50)

Celebrity Guest, Shane Benedict, shares Liquidlogic’s latest project using a totally new thermoform plastic. Could this new material/process be what whitewater has been waiting for? (6:20)

Viewer questions.  Michael Gallimore asks, Is climate change a real thing and is it affecting boat sells? (31:50)

Rants and Raves:  Weld rants on people bringing paddlers from Baltimore on a class 5 trip.  Louis raves on the book ‘Barbarian Days’.  Bonus Rave from Shane Benedict on an article by Doug Ammons focusing on anyone who holds a paddle is a paddler, doesn’t matter how hard of rivers you paddle.