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In this first episode of the New Year, we bring editor of Banks Mag, Ryan Bailey on to discuss the Midas Gold Stibnite site in the headwaters of the South Salmon and the origins of Banks Mag. From there we make our New Year’s resolution of no more paddle feather talk. Shane Benedict comes on to answer the question of why boats break more than they used. Of course, we cover listener mail and everyone’s favorite rants and raves!  As always thank you for listening.

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For some videos relating to welding and plastic testing in general:

How to weld a crack in a kayak.

Security Bar Pull inserts come out of the Plastic.

Water-filled kayak drop test, not scientific, but a lot of fun.

Dart Test
The plastic is frozen to negative 40 degrees and tested for failure.
This test determines foot-pounds of impact force to create failure and style of failure brittle or ductile.