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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back!  70 freaking 1…how did this happen.

Anyway, we have an obnoxiously packed show lined up:

  Things are looking grim for clean water.  The Trump administration has ‘clarified’ the Clean Water Act.  Louis explains.  

– Eric Jackson’s new company Apex Watercraft.  A conspiracy theory that turned out true!

  John Mark Seelig, captain of the US Rafting Team comes on to describe their recent attempt at the Grand Canyon Speed record.  What’s next and will they try it again?

  Bobby Kuepper, member/manager at CKS comes on to give us all the paddlesport retailer insider beta. What’s up with the split? Why doesn’t Hala make packrafts. Manufacturers selling direct are crushing retail, how can you compete?

Of course, we have some incredible listener mail and everyone is wondering what Louis will rant about this week.  Here we go!


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