When one thinks of big waterfalls their mind often shifts to the steep rivers of Norway or maybe the volcanic formations of Chile. Yet none of these locations holds a more dense concentration of huge, navigable waterfalls than Lookout Mountain. Located just south of Chattanooga TN. this geologic anomaly is truly a waterfall mecca. ‘Land of Giants’ is the latest addition to the AMONGSTiT.tv Watersheds Film Series providing a first hand account of the events leading up to the media frenzied first descent of Noccalula Falls. As well this movie showcases some of the more noteworthy descents of Desoto and Little River Canyon Falls, a first descent of All Good Branch and the experience of a first timers run down the famous Bear Creek. ‘Land of Giants’ takes the viewer on a visually stunning in depth look at the culture that surrounds Lookout Mountain.

Starring: Jack Hollingsworth, Daniel Rucker, Bryce Evans, David Ledford, Pat Keller, Chris Gragtmans, Isaac Levinson, Taylor Martin, Bryce Evans, Ryan Allen and others. Directed by John Grace.